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Uptown’s Educational March Madness

What is the difference between March Madness and the quest for educational excellence and equity in our community? One is a series of games and the other is a critically important issue with long-lasting, sometimes life-or-death, consequences. Each year in March, die-hard college-hoops fans spend dozens of hours glued to their television sets, following their…

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Everyday People, Everyday Stars

Everyday People, Everyday Stars Everybody is a star Who can rain and chase the dust away? Everybody wants to shine Who will come out on a cloudy day? ‘Til the sun that loves you brown When the system tries to bring you down Never had to shine at night You don’t need darkness to do…

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El Diario: “Inicia colecta de libros para familias en Harlem”

EXCERPT: “Las páginas de un libro son la puerta al conocimiento, la imaginación y la creatividad. La lectura es un regalo para toda la vida”, dijo Michelle Cruz, propietaria de East Harlem Cafe, en la calle 104 y la avenida Lexington. Los negocios que logren colectar la mayor cantidad de textos recibirán un reconocimiento especial.  Read more at El Diario.