Founded in 2008 by Harlem-based educator, researcher, and community facilitator Joe Rogers, Jr., Total Equity Now got its start creating and facilitating hybrid community-problem-solving/t-shirt-design workshops that build social consciousness, expand critical thinking, and promote servant leadership among local youth.

Over the years, Total Equity Now (also known as “TEN”) has steadily deepened and expanded its efforts through strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations, small businesses, and volunteers. Today, we lead or co-organize seven unique programs that leverage community strengths and foster synergy for creative education-related problem solving.

From promoting reading as a “Harlem thing” and connecting community members with Harlem’s wealth of literacy-related resources, to establishing mission-driven coalitions of education-focused Uptown organizations, to co-founding and facilitating a monthly education film screening and community discussion series, TEN continues to connect educational dots throughout Harlem and beyond in order to advance educational excellence and equity.