NY Amsterdam News: “Literacy Across Harlem Holiday Book Drive opens for the season”

NY Amsterdam News

EXCERPT: “Some say it takes a village; we say it takes a Harlem!” said Joe Rogers Jr., the founder and facilitator of Total Equity Now. The second annual Literacy Across Harlem Holiday Book Drive is here. All 11 decorated book-donation boxes have been delivered to the sites participating in this year’s holiday book drive. Over the next three weeks, Harlemites are being asked to fill them with hundreds of “new and like-new reading gifts,” said Rogers.

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The Cross-Examiner: “A March to Enhance Literacy in Harlem”

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EXCERPT: Tony Edwards, 51, of Harlem, came to the march with “Down These Mean Streets,” a Piri Thomas book that recounts the adolescence of a Puerto Rican boy growing up in Spanish Harlem. Edwards said he brought this book because he thought readers would be able to relate to its story. “I grew up in different parts of Harlem and I saw what happens when you are not educated; you end up trapped in the streets,” Edwards said.

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New York Daily News: Total Equity Now ‘Literacy Across Harlem’ book drive aims to spread word(s) to children in time for holidays

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EXCERPT: The love of literature that fueled the Harlem Renaissance and inspired great works of art in the 1920s and ’30s is alive and well and being recaptured as the first Literacy Across Harlem Holiday book drive gets under way. Customers in cafes, bakeries and bookstores, and visitors to three uptown community boards are being urged to donate new and “like-new” books that will be distributed as Christmas gifts to the neighborhood’s neediest kids and families.

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Daily News: First-ever ‘Literacy Across Harlem’ March Brings New Message to 14th Annual Harlem Book Fair”

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EXCERPT: Dozens of uptown residents held their favorite books high on Saturday as they marched from points in East, Central and West Harlem and met at 135th St. and Lenox Ave., where they placed donated books on the main stage of the annual Harlem Book Fair. It was the 14th installment of the event, but the march was a first.

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DNAinfo.com: “Harlem Book March to Promote Literacy”

DNA Info Article re Literacy Across Harlem March (2012)

EXCERPT: Fast forward a few years and Rogers, founder of an education and youth advocacy group named Total Equity Now, is sharing his vision with others through “Literacy Across Harlem,” a march and book donation event in conjunction with the Harlem Book Fair scheduled for Saturday. “What if we had a critical mass of community members doing the same thing, we could have a day where everyone across Harlem would be carrying a book or reading material in their hand,” Rogers said. “It would spark conversation and help to normalize this tradition.”

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Polite On Society: “Literacy Across Harlem Event Scheduled for This Saturday”

Marc Polite Blog re Literacy Across Harlem March (2012)

EXCERPT: Total Equity Now and the Harlem Book Fair are co-sponsoring the “Literacy Across Harlem March, Book Donation, and Community Celebration” on Saturday, July 21st at 10:30 a.m. The goal of this event is four-fold: to get people excited about reading and writing, to collect books for the Harlem YMCA’s Literacy Zone learners, to unite Harlemites from east to west for a good cause, and to celebrate Harlem’s literary legacy.

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