Each year, Total Equity Now empowers thousands of Harlemites and other Uptown neighbors with timely, actionable education information; interactive, intergenerational learning opportunities guided by respect for neighborhood voices and community-based knowledge; intensive facilitation to foster vital collaboration among local education organizations; experiential youth-development programs; and action-oriented research.

Your contribution to TEN is an investment in true educational excellence and equity for all community members.



IMPORTANT: While most contributions from TEN supporters range from $25 to $100, our official fundraising policy is to accept no more than $5,000 a year from any one individual or other entity within the Harlem community; no more than $1,000 a year from individuals and other entities beyond Harlem; and no more than $10,000 total per year. Furthermore, TEN neither seeks nor accepts government grants. We believe that soliciting many faithful, smaller contributions–rather than relying on huge donations and grants from just a handful of contributors–is most consistent with our philosophy of community-driven problem solving and community-based accountability.


Some say “it takes a village”; we say it takes a Harlem!