Literacy-Related Resources in Harlem 


One of Total Equity Now’s most important roles is to help connect community members with amazing–but often overlooked and underutilized–educational resources throughout Harlem. Many Harlemites are surprised to learn, for example, that our community is served by several independent bookstores that not only sell books but offer a wide range of high-quality programs and events as well. Likewise, children and adults walk down the same Harlem street every day unaware that a wonderful public library–Harlem is home to 10 of them!–is tucked just around the corner. Many recent immigrants in our community are eager to strengthen their English-language skills, and a large number of native Harlemites want to upgrade their literacy skills, but too few community members are aware that several Harlem-based organizations offer free classes in those areas.

Our Literacy Across Harlem Map shows you the way to those resources and more!