Harlem’s 10 public libraries, our neighborhood pillars of the New York Public Library system, offer an impressively diverse range of services and resources, far more than most community members realize.

Yes, today’s libraries still loan books, but check this out: adult literacy programs, art exhibits, video “gaming” sessions for teens, spoken-word cyphers, town hall meetings and other civic gatherings, dance performances, movie screenings, book clubs, e-book downloads, read-alouds for young children, professional development for educators, programs that train young people as researchers, computer classes for senior citizens, and financial-literacy workshops are among the many amazing, FREE opportunities offered by public libraries in our community.

How, you ask, do Harlem’s libraries manage to address so many different community needs? Well, it doesn’t hurt that they’re run by some of the most community-minded librarians in the world, many of whom cut their teeth in library-media services right here in Harlem.

We all should make time to discover, celebrate, and support the wonderful opportunities offered by and through Harlem’s libraries. In doing so, we can help our community better understand, appreciate, and make the most of these valuable learning resources and supports.

So, stop by a Harlem library, be awed by the bountiful resources, diverse programming, and impressive facilities you’ll find there. Then help spread the word!


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Harlem’s Public Libraries (from east to west)


125th Street Library – 224 E. 125th Street (between 1st and 2nd) – Website | Facebook | Twitter

Closed for renovations until early 2014.

Branch Manager: Velma Morton


Aguilar Library – 174 E. 110th Street (between 3rd and Lexington) – Website | Facebook

Interim Branch Manager: Caroline Schill


Harlem Library – 9 W. 124th Street (between 5th and Lenox) Website | Facebook | Twitter

Branch Manager: Donna Murphy


Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture – 515 Malcolm X Blvd. (at 135th) – Website | Facebook | Twitter

Library Director: Dr. Khalil Gibran Muhammad

Schomburg Education – Website | Facebook | Twitter

Director of Education: Deirdre Hollman


Countee Cullen Library – 104 W. 136th Street (near Lenox) – Website | Facebook | Twitter

Branch Manager: Jason Rogers


Macomb’s Bridge Library – 2650 Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Blvd. (between 152nd and 153rd) – Website | Facebook |Twitter

Interim Branch Manager: Jenee Russell


115th Street Library – 203 W. 115th Street (between 7th and 8th) – Website | Facebook | Twitter

Branch Manager: Tequila Davis


Hamilton Grange Library – 503 W. 145th Street (between Broadway and Amsterdam) – Website | Facebook | Twitter

Branch Manager: Yolounda Bennett-Reid


George Bruce Library – 518 W. 125th Street (between Broadway and Amsterdam) – Website | Facebook | Twitter

Branch Manager: Junelle Carter-Bowman


Morningside Heights Library – 2900 Broadway, between 113th and 114th) – Website

Branch Manager: Maggie Barbour