Each month on Literacy Across Harlem Day (the first day of every month), Team TEN collaborates with three amazing cafes—one in West Harlem, one in Central Harlem, and one in East Harlem (El Barrio)—to help you “swap those reads”! Bring a new or gently used book to one of these locations and swap it with a book left by a fellow Harlemite.

To swap those reads, you needn’t buy anything. That said, you may very well find yourself purchasing a delicious dish or a refreshing beverage to go with whatever you happen to be reading when you visit.

Astor Row Café (404 Lenox Avenue at 130th) – Website | Facebook | Twitter

Café One (1619 Amsterdam Avenue at 140th) – Website | Facebook

East Harlem Cafe (1651 Lexington Avenue at 104th)  – Website | Facebook | Twitter

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